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Private Cooking Classes


To arrange for private classes, please Contact Us.

  • We'll bring ingredients and equipment to your location.
  • Two-hour classes scheduled at your convenience.
  • You'll learn, cook, eat, and have fun! (Check out our Cartas Testimonial!)
  • Enrollment minimum: 2 people.
  • Class fee depends on menu and number of participants.
  • Many vegetarian menu avaiable.


1. Sushi Classes

  • Basic Roll Course: California Roll, Vegetable Roll, Hand Roll, etc.
  • Advanced Roll Course: Rainbow Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, etc.
  • Nigiri Sushi Course: Varieties of fish on top of a bite-size portion of sushi rice
  • Kazarimaki (Decorative Sushi) Course
  • Other Sushi Course: Inari sushi, Chirashi sushi, Oshi sushi, Temari sushi, etc.






2. Japanese Home-Style Cooking Classes

Pick the dishes you'd like to learn! Popular menu ideas include miso soup, tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlets), karaage (Japanese style fried chicken), korokke (croquets), okonomiyaki (Japanese-style crepe with vegetables and seafood or meat), nabe (Japanese hot pot), yakisoba, agedashi dofu (lightly deep-fried tofu in broth), tempura, teriyaki, tamago yaki, gyoza. etc.



3. Japanese Calligraphy Class

  • Learn Beautiful Japanese calligraphy with Japanese alphabets, hiragana, and kanji
  • Beginners& kids are welcome